About automatic updates

Introduced in June 2016, automatic update system is totally external from any plugin system and then not supported.
Here are some useful points:

  • remember you can validate your purchase code just once and it will be strictly linked to your domain
  • isn’t possible to detach a registered domain, using it erroneously means you need a new purchase code
  • validation passes through Envato servers, then down periods may happen, preventing you to validate the purchase. Because of this, trying again  after few hours could solve issues
  • obviously, to validate, your  server must be able to communicate with external sites. Be sure it is ok with this
  • “auto” means it is automatically checked and updated with one click. As normal wordpress plugins

In fact,you might have missed it, but Envato license is valid only for one project/domain.

Finally, always remember you can use old updating system:

  1. downloading item again from Codecanyon
  2. deleting plugin (don’t worry, everything will be kept in database)
  3. reinstall it